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Unveiling our revolutionary creation: PRO-Kale Bites – yes, you read it correctly! We proudly stand as the pioneers, being the first to combine the goodness of Kale with Vegan Protein PowderThe result? A remarkable fusion that transforms one of the healthiest and most nutritious plants into a crunchy, super tasty, hand-crafted snack that promises to captivate your taste buds. 

All of our ingredients are carefully selected, mixed, and slowly dehydrated in order to preserve every ounce of nutritional goodness. Until mid-January, our homegrown organic kale from the family farm takes the spotlight. From January to May, we source the best Kale from selected US farms. Pro-Kale Bites transcend the ordinary – a wholesome treat that can be enjoyed anytime by every member of your family, whether at home or on the go. Elevate your snacking experience with a burst of flavor and nutrition! Keep On Kale'n It! 


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